"A decade of innovation and commitment in the IT industry. Shaping the future with passion and expertise."


With over a decade of experience, we stand as a leading IT firm in the domains of development, design, cloud hosting, and much more. Always keeping up with the latest technological trends, we merge experience with innovation to provide exceptional services to our clients.

Our expertise is reflected in creating original software and providing secure cloud solutions. With a challenge-accepting approach, we set standards of excellence in every aspect of our work. Your digital journey with us is a sure path to success and innovation.

"Our dedication reflects the era and technology we use."

Zoran Stanković, founder



The success of Conimex IT lies in our team - a group of passionate, experienced, and creative experts. Our longstanding collaboration is the driving force behind each of our projects.

With tireless dedication, we overcome challenges and turn them into opportunities. Our collaboration breathes life into ideas, turning them into technological wonders. Each team member contributes to our collective success, with enthusiasm that leads to new projects and achievements.


We are focused on providing exceptional services tailored to the needs of our clients. Every project for us represents a journey towards realizing your vision, with careful planning and implementation of each step.

We understand your goals and aspirations, and shape experiences that reflect your vision. Quality is the essence of our work, visible in every aspect of our projects. In a world of constant change, our focus remains unchanged - centered on the client, their needs, and striving for excellence.